Multi-Room Music Brings Your Bay Area Home to Life


A Complete Audio System Allows the Passion of Music to Inspire You

Music moves us in transformative ways. It is a medium that inhabits your body and soul. The effect of rhythm and melody goes beyond getting your toes tapping, and research shows that listening to music generates a response in every region of the brain. Your favorite songs can inspire, comfort, and energize you whether you’re indoors or outside.

multi-room audio system completely changes how you experience music in your Bay Area home. The audio follows you rather than being confined to one room or having to carry around a mobile speaker that doesn’t adequately fill the space with sound. Be enveloped in deep bass notes that you can feel, crisp vocals, and a mid-range that moves you. 

Are you curious about how good the music can be in your smart home? Keep reading below to find out more! 

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Enhance the Way You Live with a Smart Home Installation


Elevate Your Lifestyle with Automation and Entertainment That Fit the Way You Work and Play

Your Bay Area home is the one place where you get to be your true self, free from the constraints and limitations imposed by the outside world. Your living spaces should enhance the way you work and play, accommodating your needs throughout the activities and routines you complete every day.

A smart home installation furnishes you with the convenience and luxury of a home personalized to your family. Whether it is your entertainment, comfort, or personal wellness, home automation enhances your lifestyle.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your home? Then continue reading below to discover more.


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Your Home, Your Way: Explore the Benefits of a Crestron Smart Home System


Your favorite song? Playing. The light you forgot to turn down before leaving the house? Switched off. And many more conveniences.

“Smart homes” are more than just a temporary American trend: they are the way of the future. Not only are automated systems monitored by phones, iPads, smart remotes, and sleek wall keypads incredibly convenient, but they also help facilitate peace of mind. Fall asleep more easily knowing that all your doors are locked, and the security alarm is set. Feel secure knowing that you can easily verify the positions of garage doors or gates with a real-time camera view from the comfort of your bed.

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Experience Movies in the Ultimate Home Theater Space


Explore the Elements that Always Give You the Best Seat in the House 

Directors create films specifically to be shown in the unique environment of the post-production screening room. A home theater installation brings the thrills and excitement of that experience to your house. In both, the technology accentuates the director’s story on the silver screen and blurs the line between make-believe and reality.

An extraordinary personal cinema is precisely engineered to match or surpass commercial theater quality. Our design team and installers consider everything from the selection of equipment to the room's construction to the seating. Having an innate understanding of how these elements work in concert separates a proper home theater room from just a place to watch a movie.

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A Day in a Home With Lutron Lighting Control


Lutron Lighting Brings Elegance, Ease, and Wellness to Your Home

The sun rises in the morning, gently waking you from slumber before it begins its route across the sky from east to west. The filtering light that casts shades and shadows or its direct, intense rays create our moods and energy levels that define our days. 

This interplay of natural lighting is the basis for Lutron lighting in the Bay Area, technology that utilizes the sun’s path and ever-changing intensity to create a home environment that is healthy, productive, and efficient. 

Let’s take a look at a day in your life when under the power of Lutron lighting. 

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