Multi-Room Music Brings Your Bay Area Home to Life


A Complete Audio System Allows the Passion of Music to Inspire You

Music moves us in transformative ways. It is a medium that inhabits your body and soul. The effect of rhythm and melody goes beyond getting your toes tapping, and research shows that listening to music generates a response in every region of the brain. Your favorite songs can inspire, comfort, and energize you whether you’re indoors or outside.

multi-room audio system completely changes how you experience music in your Bay Area home. The audio follows you rather than being confined to one room or having to carry around a mobile speaker that doesn’t adequately fill the space with sound. Be enveloped in deep bass notes that you can feel, crisp vocals, and a mid-range that moves you. 

Are you curious about how good the music can be in your smart home? Keep reading below to find out more! 

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