Multi-Room Music Brings Your Bay Area Home to Life


A Complete Audio System Allows the Passion of Music to Inspire You

Music moves us in transformative ways. It is a medium that inhabits your body and soul. The effect of rhythm and melody goes beyond getting your toes tapping, and research shows that listening to music generates a response in every region of the brain. Your favorite songs can inspire, comfort, and energize you whether you’re indoors or outside.

multi-room audio system completely changes how you experience music in your Bay Area home. The audio follows you rather than being confined to one room or having to carry around a mobile speaker that doesn’t adequately fill the space with sound. Be enveloped in deep bass notes that you can feel, crisp vocals, and a mid-range that moves you. 

Are you curious about how good the music can be in your smart home? Keep reading below to find out more! 


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Heard, Not Seen

Whole-home audio goes beyond placing a few bookshelf speakers around the house. Add in-wall speakers that blend seamlessly into your spaces and produce music that motivates you while you work or relax and inspires your creativity.

Whether you are listening inside the house or in your outdoor entertainment spaces, expertly installed and calibrated speakers make the most of the space. Every room interacts with sound differently, from the angles of the walls to the decor; all of it colors the audio. We have a team dedicated to working with architects and interior designers to create acoustically stunning environments.


Let The Music Move You

A multi-room sound system provides complete control over what is playing and where it plays. Connect any source to any or all rooms. Add some shimmy to dinner prep, add ambiance to the outdoor get-together, or listen to your favorite podcast in the office.

A wide world of music is available to you with the tap of a button or a voice command. Create playlists from your curated personal collection or stream high-definition MQA and FLACC formats from platforms like TIDAL, Amazon Music HD, Spotify, Deezer, and more. 


Get Better Audio Now 

Music makes the world a better place and your Bay Area home more enjoyable. Are you ready to make a move to better sound everywhere you go? Contact us using our online form or give us a call at (866) 265-9128 to start a conversation about multi-room audio!

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