Enhance the Way You Live with a Smart Home Installation


Elevate Your Lifestyle with Automation and Entertainment That Fit the Way You Work and Play

Your Bay Area home is the one place where you get to be your true self, free from the constraints and limitations imposed by the outside world. Your living spaces should enhance the way you work and play, accommodating your needs throughout the activities and routines you complete every day.

A smart home installation furnishes you with the convenience and luxury of a home personalized to your family. Whether it is your entertainment, comfort, or personal wellness, home automation enhances your lifestyle.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your home? Then continue reading below to discover more.


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Entertainment Beyond Compare

Music and movies are essential elements in our lives. The content invigorates and inspires creativity and soothes the soul. You deserve audio/video components that deliver the highest quality.

A media room or home theater space gives you the unparalleled experience of watching movies in 4K ultra-high definition with a multi-dimensional sound field. Seamlessly access streaming content or your personal Blu-ray collection with the swipe of a finger or the sound of your voice.

Reveling in audiophile-approved audio doesn’t require you to fill a room with eye-catching floor-standing speakers like you would see in a dedicated listening room. Self-calibrating speakers hide in plain sight throughout your living spaces, fading from view with paintable grilles and recessed adjustable drivers that fit between the studs in your walls and ceilings.

Living in the Bay Area means we have the privilege to engage with and enjoy the outdoors all year, and backyard entertaining is a staple. From spring training through to the Super Bowl, you can gather friends and family to watch the games or add just the right amount of energy to a family barbecue.


Light That Livens Life

Your home’s lighting influences your focus, emotional state, and overall health. All too often, standard lighting installations focus on the simple utilitarian aspects of guiding your way in the dark.

A more human-centric application brings the balance of artificial and natural lighting into the home rather than using fixtures to eliminate natural light. The sun activates the production of vitamin C and dopamine in the brain, giving you a more positive outlook and a more energetic feeling. In addition, sunlight is the best for human eyes; we see more accurately and retain more of the information we read under it compared to when we read using lamps.

By integrating smart LED lighting and automated shades, you have the power of light at your fingertips. A smart home control system can be programmed to lower shades at dusk to provide privacy and brighten interior lights to a warm, amber glow. This signals to your brain that it’s time to wind down and enter into a relaxed state after a long, busy day.


Make More of Your Home

An expertly designed and executed smart home installation makes every moment at home more enjoyable. If you’re ready to start a conversation, contact us to learn more. You can call us at (866) 265-9128 or connect with us here. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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