Experience Movies in the Ultimate Home Theater Space


Explore the Elements that Always Give You the Best Seat in the House 

Directors create films specifically to be shown in the unique environment of the post-production screening room. A home theater installation brings the thrills and excitement of that experience to your house. In both, the technology accentuates the director’s story on the silver screen and blurs the line between make-believe and reality.

An extraordinary personal cinema is precisely engineered to match or surpass commercial theater quality. Our design team and installers consider everything from the selection of equipment to the room's construction to the seating. Having an innate understanding of how these elements work in concert separates a proper home theater room from just a place to watch a movie.

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A Room with A View

The style of a room sets just the right atmosphere to inspire. So, whether you have a more modernist style or want to recreate the look of a vintage theater, the materials used to construct and decorate it affect audio and video quality. Crafting an optimal environment demands a strong knowledge of how light reacts and sound propagates.

By working with architects and designers over the years, we’ve learned how to set up a clear line of communication with every stakeholder in your home theater installation. Your technology, design and décor will not only meet your vision and expectations, but all of these components will come together in perfect harmony to create the perfect movie and TV watching experience.


The Perfect Image 

Projection screens include more high-tech features than many would presume. The styles and types incorporate technology and tricks to create the best viewing experience in your space. For example, some screens create a seamless and balanced image by diffusing the light hitting them. Other screens use embedded optical glass beads to amplify and focus the reflected light to maximize it for smaller rooms.

At the theater's heart is a video projector. The specialized light engine produces stunning detail, extraordinary depth of field, and dazzling true-to-life colors required to fully enjoy high-definition films.

Projectors designed specifically for a private cinema closely match professional models used in commercial theaters and post-production rooms. These home models include the same ability to show a movie as the cinematographers intended with 4K 'wide-screen' DCI resolution of 4096 x 2160 instead of the typical 4K UHD (3840 x 2160). This wide screen generates an experience that visually transports you into another world.


Surround By Sound

While the action occurs on the screen in front of you, the audio element makes the experience truly immersive. Filmmakers manipulate instinctive responses to audio cues, influencing our emotions and toying with our sense of anticipation. Surround sound generates a multidimensional sound field to envelop you in the subtle details. You’ll hear and feel sounds as small as a bee buzzing to a flower or the awe-inspiring chest-rattling explosions.



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